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Kouros and his brothers did a terrific work. Kouros was patient (he came several times to revise the bid) and understood exactly what we wanted. His thorough knowledge of building codes helped us navigate the inspection hurdle race. We added a bathroom on the 2nd floor, full gut rehab of the 1st floor bathroom and kitchen, added central air, refinished floors throughout and painted the walls and doors. The result is of great quality, we are very happy!Read More

Simply amazing. What a pleasure to work with Blackbirdz. We hired them based on a recommendation, and would highly, highly recommend them for a home renovation project. Kouros, Kia, and Kia (yes they have the same name and are actually twins, but easy to distinguish between "quiet Kia" and "talkative Kia" :)) and Masoud are family, and are so sweet, polite, hard-working, and most importantly, very talented. Throughout the project they went above and beyond for us, and even pointed out various things along the way that we would have never noticed on our own. Our project finished early which is pretty unheard of, and even after it was complete, Kouros still came over to help me with some related items. We miss having them here, and would love to work together again!Read More

Every review on here accurately describes what you'll get if you hire these guys. We couldn't be happier with the finished results. You won't be disappointed if you hire Blackbirdz. They renovated our kitchen, two bathrooms, and a laundry room. We couldn't have chosen a better contractor than Blackbirdz. We had 4 estimates Blackbirdz was the lowest bid and by far the best! Since finishing they have been back to do small projects. They are on site while work is taking place, this is one of the most important things. Lots of contractors are running more than one job at a time leaving you with a longer timeline and possible problems. Professional is an understatement, they were here when they said they would be. They took care of everything, we just had to pick what we wanted They work fast. Four rooms renovated in the time frame they said. They worked strategically, planned the whole job so we could live here with minimum inconvenience. Great design ideas. I have custom radiator covers! Pocket doors, custom open shelving. Animal lovers. Our two cats loved them and they gave them new nicknames Katty & Inspector ;-) Excellent craftsmanship. They made us two custom closets that get a lot of traffic and are still looking great after a year. Honest. The bid and the final invoice held the same. This did not include extras added after starting which were reasonable and fairly priced. Clean. They vacuumed, and neatly tucked away all of the supplies every day before they went home. Easily accessible by phone, text, and email. Your not waiting to hear from them like you hear so many people complain that their contractors don't call back. We have recommended them to a friend who hired them and they are very happy with their renovation.Read More

Typically I do not write reviews but because Blackbirdz has proven to be an outstanding family run business I felt they deserved my first one. This was a first renovation so was nervous hiring someone I did not know. The house and keys would eventually be left with complete strangers. However, these guys came well recommended by friends and are truly trustworthy professionals. They come in completely focused to do the job and you will be amazed as to how much they get done in a short amount of time without affecting the quality of the work. They treat your house as if it is their own leaving it CLEAN each and every visit. Not sure if this can be said by other contractors. We had walls teared down, bathrooms renovated, and floors refinished. We had a Jacuzzi tub transform into a laundry room which made doing laundry so much easier. Doors from one room which could have been discarded were even reused for the laundry room to help save costs. They are in constant contact throughout every step of the project. If you have any questions and are as indecisive as I am, they are always available to provide advice or answer any questions that you may have. They have shown such great patience with me! They truly go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. If there are any unexpected issues, they try their best to stay within your budget. They are willing to work with you if you decide to take on some of the smaller tasks yourself. I personally have learned a lot from Blackbirdz on what to do or not do on certain DIY projects. They always recommend the correct way of doing things and what not to take short cuts to save you time and money in the long run. Blackbirdz also has a great extended team and other references that we are happy with. The bathroom tiling and hardwood refinishing was a job well done. Our custom shower door came out even better than expected. All vendors were as trustworthy and personable as Blackbirdz. You will be completely satisfied with this team. They have changed my thinking of contractors. They have exceeded all expectations. We not only have contractors but good friends for years to come….Read More

First off, look at that picture! Look at those smiling faces.... those are the guys that are going to make your home remodeling dreams come true! And at an affordable price. So, I'm like most guys, I'm handy in the sort of way that I break things or just miss that extra... I don't know how to say it... professional touch. When we decided to add on an additional bathroom we interviewed, no joke, 7 contractors. 4 said they would quote me and they never did. 3 quoted me so high, my feelings were hurt. And they provided the quote 6 - 10 days after scoping the job. Blackbirdz turned a quote around in 24 hours and were the most value based quote out of the bunch. They showed up on time, ready to work and generally in a great mood. (Although one of the Kia's doesn't talk much) The Kia's are the twins. One is chatty. The other... not so much. They laid out a schedule and then executed it in a timely manner. Our first set of drawings (provided by them at our request) was denied because of town restrictions on where we wanted to put our new bathroom. It's like living in a fascist state! What happened to our freedom!!!!!!!!! Anyways, Kourous took the time to walk through an alternative idea and with great patience and a good sense of humor listened to the painstaking options my wife and I played out over and over and over again. He took my texts at 10pm. When it came to the design and look -- man -- Kourous has practical yet elegant taste. The Chatty Kia gave some great advice too. Working with my wife they helped us pick the coolest tile and layout for a little bathroom you ever saw. I wish I had pictures. I don't. I'm on travel and I'll have to come back and post them. Because I'm proud of what these guys did. They laughed at my corny jokes. They explained to me what my options were and clarified for me things when I didn't understand. They cleaned up after every work day. Took care in my home. Most contractors are d*ckheads. I mean they come in and they try to bully you into one thing or another. They got it all figured out. Blackbirdz partnered with me and provided a great experience. I will be using these guys for every addition and repair I do on my home. Let me be clear. I am so appreciative of the job that they did that I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to laud their professionalism, craft and skill. They have my highest recommendation for service in your home.Read More

My wife already wrote a review and submitted photos, but Blackbirdz did such an outstanding job that I want to emphasize the characteristics that would lead us to choose them for all future projects and recommend them to anyone in the market for a contractor. Also, in case it matters, I clicked 5-stars because they really are outstanding. * High quality skills and attention to aesthetic detail * Stuck to bid estimate and our budget and identified practical/safe cost-cutting options * Project completion on time (delays associated with town inspector's schedule or counterproductive weather conditions * Works well with architect and follows up with subcontractors to ensure tasks are completed satisfactorily * Always on site * Honest, accountable, and good communication * Strike an impressive balance of professional and friendly, which also made a positive impression with our neighbors In closing, it is without any reservations that I am wholeheartedly recommending Blackbirdz LLC.Read More

I have hired Blackbirdz numerous times and they are fantastic. They get the job done fast and are very neat, clean, and their work is fantastic. I highly recommend them, especially if you need the work done quick! Very professional and know exactly what they're doing!Read More

My wife and I bought a house in Fairlawn NJ and needed to do a full kitchen and bathroom renovation. In addition we also needed the flooring to be completely redone on the first floor and resurfaced on the second floor. Since this was our first major renovation we went out to get about 3 bids for the entire effort. It was important to us that we find someone who wasn't going to only manage the project and subcontract out every part of the project but rather have hands on experience and can demonstrate their knowledge of the work to be done. Of the 3 contractors, Blackbirdz LLC gave us the most confidence that they would complete the project. What sealed the deal was that we were able to visit a recent renovated kitchen to inspect the finish product. Kouros walked us through the finished kitchen and gave us ideas on how we can do our renovation. Once Backbirdz was on contract, they took care of all the permits and I didn't have to go to the town hall for any reason which saves me alot of time and effort. They have great knowledge of what is necessary to be compliant with the codes (plumbing, electrical, etc) and identified issues that we had to addressed during the renovation. We never had a problem communicating with Kouros through calls or text. He made himself available to answer any questions that we had throughout the entire project. For any issues that came up during the renovation, Kouros was able to offer up a solution that is viable and present options that can work within your budget. Our house was built in the 1930's so we did have a few problems that was resolved at the completion of the renovation project. I also want to point out that they also helped with some custom trim for out IKEA cabinets so the cabinet wouldn't expose the white cabinet for a microwave to improve the overall look. They are very good at working with IKEA cabinets so look no further if you are doing an IKEA kitchen. Now that we are living at the house, we are still impressed with all the work that Blackbirdz put into the renovation. We built a great working relationship and we will definitely call Blackbirdz for future projects and will recommend them to friends and families. Thank you Blackbirdz for a fantastic job! I would have posted some pre renovation pictures but looks like the limit is 4 pictures so I'll stick with the finished kitchen.Read More

Professional, Honest, Friendly, Committed. These words do not do enough justice to describe the team at Blackbirdz. Kouros, his brothers and all of the professionals on his team are the best in the business, period. You will NOT find a better contractor to perform any task, small or large. Their professional, friendly can do attitude is unmatched and their commitment to getting the job done correctly the first time is one of their many hallmark traits. They have made any of my future projects easy because I no longer need to go through the arduous process of finding a contractor, these guys will be my lifetime contractors, there is no need for me to ever go for another quote or estimate. I will be contacting Kouros and his team for all of my future contracting needs without hesitation. Highly recommended, don't even bother to think twice...go for them!!!Read More

We used BlackBirdz for a major renovation of our house. The project included the entire second floor renovation/reconstruction as well as a kitchen remodeling. It is important to note that this is not our first house and we have extensive experience with contractors. Based on our experience, BlackBirdz possess many great qualities which other contractors often lack—they are trustworthy, reliable, don’t take shortcuts, pay attention to details, take great pride in their work and always deliver on their promises. One of the most important qualities of BlackBirdz is that they are trustworthy. For example, we had a detailed kick off meeting with Kouros and his brothers and then left the country on a two-week vacation. While we were gone, Kouros managed to exceed all of our expectations—when we came back, the entire second floor was demolished, new framing was installed, new plumbing was completed and ready for the rough town inspection as well as electrical work and inspection. They delivered exactly what was agreed upon and more. Another important factor is that Kouros is always reachable either by e-mail, phone or text, unlike many other contractors who disappear or take a long time to get back to you. He is always available to answer any question and alleviate any concern. What separates these guys from the rest of the general contractor community is that they think outside of the box. They had several unique ideas which not only saved us money but also enhanced the final design. In addition, whenever any unexpected complication arose (which is typical for older homes), BlackBirdz always found a reasonable and fair solution. Lastly, Blackbirdz passed all of the final inspections from the first time with no issues. Project was completed on time and within budget. We will use Blackbirdz again and definitely will recommend to our friends and family.Read More


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